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Beginner's guide

Choose problems

Once you get to a bouldering area, here are a few tips to easily find problems adapted to you.

Follow a circuit

Circuits are a series of boulders of (relatively) homogeneous level, with ascending numbers.

Each problem is represented by a colored number and an arrow, painted directly on the boulder.

There are 5 main colors (yellow, orange, blue, red, and white/black) that correspond to increasing grades.

By following a yellow circuit (or an orange one) you'll be able to discover problems graded between 1 and 3, which is perfect to start.

Tip: pick a circuit suited for beginners, marked with a .
They offer lots of easy problems (graded 1, 2 or 3), with low boulders (less than 3 meters high) and with good landings.

Filter by level

Thanks to the Boolder app, you can filter problems that match with your level.

This way you can identify the zones with a good density of problems adapted to your level.

Careful: the grade 4a in Fontainebleau is roughly equivalent to 5a elsewhere.
Don't overestimate yourself ;)