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Beginner's guide

Rules of good conduct

The Fontainebleau area is a unique and fragile environment. It is important to respect a few rules to protect it.

Use chalk sparingly

Chalk damages the rock, so use it sparingly. You can instead clean the rock (with a soft brush) to increase friction.

When you're done, don't forget to brush the holds (still with a soft brush) to remove any trace.

Clean your shoes

Sand and dirt under your shoes contribute to polish the rock, which damages it in the long run.

Don't forget to clean your shoes with a doormat or a rug before you start climbing.

No climbing after rain

The rock in Fontainebleau is very fragile when wet.

To avoid damaging the rock and/or breaking holds, it is advisable to wait until the rock is thoroughly dry.

Other rules

  • Walk on existing trails (the wildlife and plants will thank you!)
  • Carry your crash mat rather than dragging it on the ground
  • Take your trash with you (and why not pick up any you find along the way?)
  • Do not build fires, do not smoke
  • Camp only on authorized sites (it is forbidden to park in all parking areas from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM)

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