Beginner's guide


Here is the equipment you will need to climb outdoors.

Climbing shoes

A crash mat

A crash mat is designed to soften your fall.

We recommend you use a thick one with a large surface, even if it's a bit more bulky.

A guidebook

A guidebook (or topo in French), will help you navigate climbing areas.

We recommend you use the Boolder app. You will have access to a GPS map and photos of the problems.

If you prefer a paper version, we recommend using Fun Bloc.


  • a doormat (or a rag), to clean your shoes before starting a problem
  • additional crash mats, see “Climb safely”
  • some chalk for your hands to better stick to the boulder
  • a soft brush to clean the rock and remove chalk marks
Don't use too much chalk, as it damages the rock (see “Rules”).

Also, feel free to take a sports outfit that doesn't restrict your movements too much, and some food and water.